Today I had the pleasure of being a judge at an English competition in a nearby school for students from all over the district.  It was a fun experience, and I got to meet a number of teachers I hadn't previously known.  Because there are two different systems of government here, and each has an associated school system, while I'm getting to know many teachers in the area, they're generally all from one system, so there are still plenty of English teachers in the area I've never met!
The students (of which there were 8) were all in primary school and were tested in reading comprehension, writing, listening and drawing a picture according to the directions given (we said things like, there is a girl with brown hair in the middle of the picture, a yellow dog on her right, a red flower with a bee on it on her left...), and then there was a short interview.  I got to help with all the speaking things; giving the directions for the drawing, the listening comprehension parts, and I got to help with the oral interview too, so it was pretty fun.  Also, because I'd recently gotten a care package from home and there were so few students I was able to give all participants prizes!  That made the day a little more fun, to my mind, and after the competition when I heard that English had 8 student participants and Thai competition had 30+ competitors I was even happier I'd been able to give more encouragement, smile.
There were skits and prepared speeches, Thai debates and other events that day as well, and overall it was a lovely student showcase for the area.

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    January 2014