Pictures from the Anti-Drug parade we had last week.  Loads of fun, a little bit of marching, and a good time.  I think next year we'll try to make props; other schools had flags to wave, or the word 'NO!' on a headband, or giant cardboard cigarettes...that would be a fun lesson and a chance to incorporate English into something even more fun--a parade!
After the parade I went with a few of the other teachers to visit student's homes, something we never really do in the US.  It was really cool visiting a village of Lahu in the hills and meeting parents, grandparents, siblings, and seeing where the students come from in the mornings and go home to do their homework.  It was neat that just 15 km away from two 7-11s, two teacher supply stores and all the other conveniences and things we have at school (electricity, paved roads, sturdy walls and covered windows), there are whole communities of people living without these 'essentials' and doing just fine!  People were welcoming and kind, and it was a nice afternoon.

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    January 2014