Today we didn't have regular English classes as Kan and I were at a Best and Most Successful Practices seminar/course for English teachers in our area.  We were a little nervous about presenting because we decided to do our presentation on the Phonetic Approach to teaching English, and while we've been using phonics this semester, school only began a month or two ago, so we haven't seen all the success yet.
Each group of presenters brought a visual display and tri-fold pamphlet on their chosen technique as well as having 10 min to present, and we got some good ideas as well as sharing our techniques.  We talked about Zoo Phonics, fun flash cards, games, our Questions Cube and playing Hot Potato with noisy rubber animals as a kind of assessment, the Monster Phonics Books, and other fun ways to present, practice, and assess material with students.  It was really fun meeting other English Teachers and talking about class size, management techniques (though I think that could be a whole other seminar!), and making friends/contacts that I'm sure I'll see again!

7/13/2014 02:20:40

One of the best practices is sharing with other teachers, collaboration! Good work all around.


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