I've been taking it as good fortune that Kan and I have our birthdays so close; hers was on Monday, but because Monday there's school, we made merit and celebrated a little on Sunday.  For Thai people, the first thing you do on your birthday is Make Merit, giving money or food or something to monks and asking for blessings.  Normally, then, you visit your parents and wai them, showing them respect and thanking them for everything they've done for you.  Later, at night, there may be a party, but the most important thing of the day is making merit--my mE and paw here made certain that on my birthday I did that too!
When Kan made merit we actually went to a nearby wat and cave, and it was super fun.
After visiting the Wat and exploring a bit, we picked up Aeh's nephew and hit Lotus.  I bought peanut butter and a pair of bike shorts, for under my skirts.  After that I had a few hours to do some typing from the previous day before I had to get on the bus and head down for my follow-up doctor's appointments.  Super fun day, though!

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