Okay, since last we talked I had a horrible flu-bug, and though I've been ill here a lot that was mostly GI stuff, so the cannot-breathe, blinding headache, respiratory bug threw me off totally and knocked me out for 2 weeks!  Not fun!  Especially as this month the gaw-saw-naw (gor-sor-nor?)--Community Center--has been running a class in communicative English!  Natrada had to teach it alone when I was ill, but since being well I've been busy!  The Community Center has class in the library for two hours every evening, which is keeping us busy, but it's near the town hall and the market, so I can get fresh mangosteen which is delightful!  Last Thursday Natrada went to Chris' training and I stayed to teach school and the gaw-saw-naw, where we began a new unit.  I love the enthusiasm of everyone who comes, and as you can see, we have quite a range of ages.  You can't see, but the difference in levels of ability is also quite wide.  We all enjoy the class and having fun together, though!
Friday and Saturday I was cleared to help with the Chris' training, though, the first in our 'Full Circle English' training.  The idea is to present Student-Centered Teaching techniques at the trainings, then put together small groups of teachers and a PCV to visit those classes and see how individual teachers put those ideas into practice.  Oftentimes we'll go to a training and get great ideas, but then we don't actually use them, or we're inconsistent with our use.  Hopefully, with this training and mentorship program, we'll be able to really make some positive improvements.  There will be more follow-up trainings, but it's the big group to small group to individuals who then become leaders that makes the circle complete and keep on rolling.

Aside from the training and gor-sor-nor, I've been busy making materials (pictures next time!) and...having kittens!  I took two of Kailei's 6 kittens home with me this weekend!  I'm very excited.  I took the grey one, whom I think will grow to have stripes, and who was so curious she wandered over to the carrying box all on her own, smile.  The second one is kind of mixed, and was particularly unafraid, so they are Curious and Courageous, respectively.  In Thai 'glai-haan' (high and rising tones) is 'brave' or 'courageous', and 'yaak-ruu-yaak-hen' (middle with a rising tone on 'hen') is 'nosy' or 'curious', so that's perfect!  Neither of them have a full tail, but that doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would.
Jane Kraut
6/21/2015 15:01:44

So sad that you have been ill, but glad you are better and working full tilt. It seems that you have many dedicated students.

6/22/2015 03:16:00

They are the best! I still feel incredibly lucky just to be here!

Sue Goodnow
7/21/2015 17:09:48

My cats have always enjoyed playing with a spool of thread, too.


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