So, canon (round, like music) kong=of, and duun=walking; it was the Thursday night walking market/fair!  Since every market here in Thailand would be more similar to our farmer's markets back home (because the stuff stores carry regularly is different, so the stuff markets carry is also different) this fair featured dancing, clothes, electronics, and of course food!  I think it may have been the last walking market of the season, though, and that makes me sad.  I enjoyed knowing what my Thursday nights would bring!
Possibly worth noting; everyone I photoed must have thought I was a crazy tourist!  ...Little did they realize I'm just a crazy teacher!  Thankfully most of them decided to smile big and humor me!
Oh, something else really cool about Thailand; when people are deciding what to wear the question they ask themselves seems to be, "Do I like this?", not, "How do I look?" "Does this look alright/okay?" "Can I wear these colors/patterns together?" or anything from someone else's perspective.  It appears that they wear what they like, what they want to, not what they think other people will like or would want them to wear.  Nice!  It's very confident, and I hope to adopt that style of dressing in the future!
3/31/2014 15:43:34

These pictures and captions show that you are indeed a real Peace Corps Volunteer. Enjoy your stay!


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