Sadly, this is the only non-blurry photo I have of Chinese Sport Day.  We (kruu Aeh, Noon her husband and myself) attended the opening ceremony, which was a lot of speeches, a parade of the participants, a torch lighting with accompanying fireworks (yay!) and loads of dancers.  There were women with fans, kids in horse costumes, girls in long pleated golden skirts that danced while a young guy sang, people that danced to pop tunes while wearing LED lights, kids that used batons or balls-on-a-string (like in Hawai'i), and many more shows.  Chinese Sport Day is a kind of Olympics-like event for the towns up here in Northern Thailand, close to the Chinese boarder.  Lots of crossover families, you know?  I think it was 14 towns that participated in the various events, and lots of school children representing the many natiodancing at the opening ceremonies.
This photo is of some of the lanterns that were lit and then allowed to drift upwards and fly away, like hot air balloons.  Each lantern was as tall as a person (a Thai person, probably up to my shoulders), and it was beautiful to watch them fly away into the darkness.  They loosed lanterns at two points in the proceedings, but I'm not certain of the significance of the timing.  Didn't detract from the beauty of it, though!

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