This week in bpratom 6 we've been describing people using descriptive words as well as adjectives.  While the book taught kids the words for 'shy', 'kind', 'bossy', 'friendly', 'nice', 'honest' and the like, we added to our students' vocabularies 'confident', a 'whiner', and 'intimidating'.  They're longer words, but it's made my heart happy so many times to hear these kids describe themselves as being confident.  Yay!
We also added 'chubby' to the list of descriptions, because there are actually very few students I'd say were fat, but when all you have are the words for 'fat' and 'thin', a lot of fluffy people are stuck in the 'fat' category, and that's not cool.  I really appreciate that we're giving our students more words to describe themselves and each other.  The language you use can and does have an effect on perception, so I think it's great that we're helping our kids have a positive outlook on things!
Tania Johnson
6/18/2014 06:44:44

The work you are doing is so inspiring :)

6/20/2014 01:39:14

I know you will have no shortage of adjectives for your students. They will be greatly enriched by their time with you.


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