Today I took the opportunity to bike out to where a new volunteer, Carissa, is living and working.  We met at a coffee shop about halfway between our villages, then we biked up to her house and did some sightseeing.  A friend of the family had been visiting her homestay family and offered to be our guide, which was super nice, because after biking up to the coffee shop and then the crazy hills up to her house, I would have given up at the slightest chance of being lost on the way to the waterfall!
We had a great time, and after hiking down we had lunch right by the river flowing from the falls.  It was a great way to spend time getting to know Carissa, who is AMAZING, and I'd never realized there was this fantastic natural spot so near my site!  I mean, it was a destination on its own, not somewhere you could just pass on the way to somewhere else, but still, it wasn't a 3 hour bus ride and song-taew rental away!  Super cool!
Sue Goodnow
5/26/2015 04:52:12

The waterfall is beautiful! I'm glad you found out about it!


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