We did a 3-day training for school directors, and we had so much fun!  It was a great way to get to know the directors in our area a little better, and nice to see school directors outside of school.  One of my favourite activites was the balloon popping game, where we put questions inside balloons and you sit on them to pop them and answer the questions inside.  I tell you, have a group of adults play a game that involves sitting on balloons--so much laughter!  My other favourite activity was when we had the directors practice writing out their school mottos, visions, and mission statements.  Everyone was so proud of their school, especially the smaller schools, which I didn't expect (I guess it was my American 'bigger is better' mentality).  Every director knows how important their job is, how important their school is for the students, and it was wonderful to be in a room with so many dedicated directors.
9/6/2014 01:52:16

Director collaboration and training, it sounds wonderful!


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