Today I had community day, when I don't officially have any work to do at my school-site (I still generally teach the younger kids I don't see in class during the week a new song.  Today it was, "What's Your Name?", which has clapping and a turn in it, so it was a success), and I usually visit other schools.  After that, I hopped on my bike and rode into town to hit the brycanee (an 's' sound where the 'c' is, and it means 'post office') because I needed to send off a birthday gift.  On the way back it began to sprinkle a smidge, but it wasn't until that sprinkle began to become real rain that I wondered, pausing beneath a roadside tree, if I might have problems trying to get home.  The rain here doesn't mess around when it decides to hit, you know?  I figured that it was better to get wet in the rain than get wet trying to wait out the rain beneath a tree, so got on my bike again.  Passing a roadside lychee stand I was flagged down  by these lovely ladies, and now when I ride by their stand we always stop and exchange pleasantries.  Smile!
They are Chu-la (just like 'Chula Vista' only with the emphasis on the 'la'...and with no 'vista') and Pah-dang, mother and daughter who sell lychee, but do not pick it.  We were in the sala for quite some time; I think you can see the heavy rain in the background there!  I'm glad I obeyed the frantically flapping hands; that was a gully-washer!

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    January 2014