This past week I had Dengue (don't worry, this post has no pictures).  It was possibly, objectively, the worst I've ever felt in my life (but kind of inevitable, considering that I'm a human buffet for mosquitoes).  I was sick for a week and a bit with the headache, fever, rash, and all the joys of massive GI distress, and ended up in the hospital yesterday.  However, because there's no way I could have made the ride to the big hospital in the City without incident, by the time I got there all my symptoms had resolved themselves, and I just had electrolyte imbalance and some dehydration (from the violent GI distress).
This is my second serious illness since I got here (Bell's Palsy in April/May, remember?), and I do feel like the medical unit takes good care of us volunteers, and people at site have concern for us and take care of us too.  Aside from major illnesses like this one there are minor environmental things that we can also get help with.  We have 24-hour medical help available to us by phone, did you know?  Anyways, I really appreciate the care and attention, the support we get from our site as well as the staff in Bangkok, to keep us healthy!

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    January 2014