Last community day I visited Ban Thon Chok and had a great time.  We did a review of songs we'd learned  before and then, because the last time I was there I know they learned body parts, we did the Genki lesson Doctor, Doctor, which uses body parts and being able to say, for example, "My arm hurts," or "My tooth hurts."  We also made certain to go over that it's one tooth, one foot, and then teeth and feet, smile.
After a great morning, I went back to my school and had fun with the bpratom 1 kids playing "What Time is it, Mr. Fox?".  They all know numbers 1-10 (and we sing Ladybug's Picnic, which recites numbers 1-12), so we had fun counting out steps, chasing one another, and running and squealing.  Smile.  It was a great day!  I wish I'd gotten photos of that, even when they were wishboning me a little, laughing madly.  So much fun!

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    January 2014