This week we had an English camp in MaeSao, and I got to work with Kruu Djii, whom I adore, again.  It was a great camp with some really competent teachers, so we volunteers were there basically to enhance game time and be Native Speakers.  We also helped with planning a little bit, because sometimes plans for a fun event are very vague (I think that's a world-wide trend, though, not something specific to Thailand!).  We had a really fun time with the 4th graders (about 70 of them), and because the camp was so far from our individual houses we got to stay at a nice resort place in Mae Ai.
It was a wonderful week of camp, even though I lost one of my animal flashcards!  We had a great time singing, playing, and learning together.  I really like how, in my district, there is an English Camp in April.  We rotate teachers each week and it's a great time to get used to teaching and meet people from all over the district!
Jane Kraut
5/24/2015 15:33:16

These English camps seem like such a great idea for both students and teachers.


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