For the past 3 days I and a few other PCVs were resources for an English Teacher Camp held at a nearby resort for teachers in the area.  We had a great time working with all the teachers and having fun learning together!
Sigh, thinking about this camp and how great it was (Kruu Gung is a fabulous organizer!) I wish I had taken more photos!  The awards at the end were so much fun to watch, and I wish I'd gotten a picture of some of our games.  We played the game where you sit on a balloon to pop it, read and answer the question inside, then run to the back of the line game, and we played the game where a balloon is rubber-banded to your foot and you try to pop everyone else's balloon while keeping yours intact.  Hooray for balloon games!  ...Oh, and teaching English as well!  Smile!

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    January 2014