Today when I got to class there was a large amount of dead leaves and grasses on the classroom floor, and while we do get some tracked in and sweep daily, this seemed more than usual.  Looking up I realized it was because birds had begun building a nest in the overhead fans!  This will not do because when it gets hot, those fans are the only things keeping us from MELTING, so later in the day we had the students help clean the fans.
I thought this was worth sharing, because this sort of thing never happens at home!  I think that's because I grew up in a city and not the country though, I'm sure rural classrooms at home have Nature invade from time to time as well.  I also liked the way we dealt with the problem, the students helped clean the classroom, which reinforces the sense of community and the fact that it's their school.  At home I think people would be worried about liability and students falling off ladders, but things are much more pragmatic here, and I like it.  I like the trust that exists between students and teachers, teachers and parents, schools and the greater community.  Smile!
Oh, we also took the opportunity to do a lesson with bpratom 3 on positions (on, in, under, by with the song and hand motions), because we had a bird's nest in the fan!  Teachable Moment!
Jane Kraut
3/6/2015 01:44:51

What a wonderful "teachable moment"


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