Whew!  I finally had the follow-up appointments I'd been rescheduling in Bangkok this past week, and it feels great to have seen all the doctors and have them all say I'm better now!  Hooray!
As a super-fun bonus, you all know my rubber chicken Stretch, right?  I got him to help in the classroom, because when you're getting an assessment that involves a shrilling chicken, you don't even realize you're being quizzed!  Well, during English Camp I discovered that not only do students of all ages love rubber chickens, but teachers do, too!  I got Stretch during PST and hadn't found another supplier locally, but while at the bus station after my doctor's appointments I found a fruit, watches, cell phones and noisy rubber farm animals stand!  After hitting the ATM I picked up 4 rubber chickens and a pig (the pig wound up being a belated birthday present for Kan.  The pig goes 'ood, ood!'), but one of the chickens never made it on to the bus.  Sitting in the crowded bus terminal there was a boy playing with his little sister, and the way he played with her, making her smile and engaging her, it reminded me of how my nephews played together when they were both very young (is it when younger siblings start to talk that the honeymoon's over?).  Now, the farang with a bag full of rubber chickens is definitely noticed by a young person (6 or 7?  I found out they're from Myanmar, but I can't remember how old the boy was.  The daughter wasn't speaking yet), and again, he was playing so nicely with his sister, I ended up giving them a chicken.  I hope it wasn't used too frequently on the bus ride home!

6/20/2014 01:37:49

Wonderful story which shows your generous nature.


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