Getting back from Reconnect we had time to unpack, and then jumped right into English Camps and other activities!  First on the bill was an ASEAN/English camp at Tam Taub Dao school; if you remember, we went to Tam Daub Dao for Kan's birthday, and this camp was held at the nearby school associated with that temple.  Back in the day, Monks were the educators at schools, so there are many, many wats with schools attached, or at least nearby.
Okay, I had to get out my calendar to review and write this post, and though I lack photos from a number of events, I think you can still see how busy it was!  That was from mid-July through the beginning of August, and that first weekend in August I felt so happy I had time to do my laundry and a little bike maintenence!
8/17/2014 13:38:24

This looks so amazing. You seem to get so much learning accomplished in a short time. Congratulations!


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