Okay, I'm back home after my quick trip out of town.  On the way back I picked up Glai-haan from the vet, and was super-happy to hear that they think they can save her foot!  I have to keep it clean and give her pills (NOT fun for either of us), and later they'll remove the sutures, but for now I'm just happy.  I really hit the ground running, as I'd made plans to meet up with a few of the students from the Community School who were interested in continuing their lessons.  I haven't really had much time to unpack, do laundry, or anything like that.
On the way home from our coffee-shop tutoring session I stopped at the market for some mangosteen, my absolute favourite fruit!  Last year it was cheaper than this year, because of the lack of rainfall, and it'll probably be even more expensive next year, as the Rainy season was supposed to start in May and now, July, it's still not really begun!
Jane Kraut
7/21/2015 03:02:25

I have never heard of mangosteen, my guess is that you are correct and it would not be the same here even if we could find one. Hope your kitty heals well and quickly.

Sue Goodnow
7/21/2015 17:06:52

Many years ago a co-worker introduced me to mangosteen juice. She was into health food, and she had to special order it. However, it was interesting to see your photos of the actual fruit.

7/21/2015 20:06:09

Thank you! It's funny, but I think of America as the land of plenty, and I never expected to find SO MANY fruits and vegetables I'd never seen before! ...And I didn't expect them to be so tasty, either! I do feel kind of silly sometimes, needing to be shown how to peel fruit and do simple things like that correctly, but it's worth it!


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