Okay, it's been a while since I posted and this may come out a little disjointed, but bear with me, because it's been an exciting week!  Friday we put together an English and Life Skills camp, basically a daycamp (I think I mentioned that last post), and it went really well, but like all daycamps, at the end I was super tired.  However, the experience was totally worth the stress and fatigue, and here are a few pictures of me with some kids I knew from my practicum school and our high-school aged co-facilitators who helped us run our rotation and facilitate the discussion segment.  Oh, our session was about Positive Communication, and we stressed how communication is more than words.  In keeping with that our English lesson was about right, left, forward and backward, as I'm fairly certain I mentioned in a previous post.
Okay, now on to yesterday (2-22-14) and our adventures in Bangkok!  We (all the trainees) got to go to into the city to see where the Peace Corps Headquarters is and tour the facility, and also to practice catching busses/vans/taxis and using public transportation in general, as that's how we'll be getting around for the next few years.  I was really interested in seeing a museum or something so I planned to go with Nancy during the week, and as we only had a few hours between seeing the office and having to catch a van back (to make sure we got back in time, considering the traffic), we decided to take a water taxi and visit Wat Po, with the Reclining Buddha, which was the best idea I/we could have had.  I've made the executive decision that the next time someone comes to visit me, we'll go back to Wat Po and actually take a tour; of the 9 wonders I only really saw 1, and apparently there's a great restaurant (Italian) across from the Wat, too!
After our one wonder, really, the feet hurt, so we went down to the dock (where I continued to be reminded of Fisherman's Wharf, Powell St., Telegraph Ave., Pier 39 and all that) and took another water taxi (like a small, one level ferry) back up river.  We took a different alley back to the main streets (this time meat and vegetable market, not garden), and a city bus back to Victory Monument.  Quick search for the rot dtu (vehicle van-bus) depot, got tickets and I had a moment to run into the market; I wanted a birthday card for pii Lek, as it was her birthday today!
No luck with cards, but I grabbed some candy, ferrero rocher is her fave, smile.  Got back and piled in the van, got to Suphanburi in good time, got on another rot song tau and got back home safe and sound.  Really, really great day.
Oh, the title of this post?  Like adding 'in bed' to the end of a fortune from a cookie, adding 'in Thailand' to the end of everything makes it AMAZING.  Like at the end of the day, tired, dirty and sweaty from walking the city, feet pulsing, bug bitten, I could do that at home!  I have done that at home.  But here I ended the day with a huge smile because I was tired, dirty and sweaty with pounding feet and itchy bug bites on my legs...in Thailand!
2/23/2014 01:38:08

This is a wonderful post, so much information and joy!

2/23/2014 02:52:24

Oh, I want to see the reclining Buddha! Put me down for a Buddha tour when I come!

Spook S.
2/23/2014 16:12:15

Thank you! Man, this post took forever to write, but I wanted to do it before I forgot all the details. It's a really amazing sight, and when you come, Pook, I vote that we visit the 10th wonder of the Wat, the little foot massage station. Some of our group of trainees got massages (legit!) in Bangkok, and said they were the best Bhat they've ever spent! ...I've gotten a rubber chicken here, though, so massage will have some tough competition for the 'best Bhat I've spent' category!


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