This is just a stop sign I pass on my way to the HUB.  Nothing special, but cool to me, because it's the same as what I'm used to in the States, but different because I'm over here in Thailand!
I had an interesting thought on my (bumpy) ride home, about the pictures I posted last blog.  I think I'm already assimilating a bit (they're doing a great job with our Pre-Service Training!), because normally I'd have posted pictures I took alone on my commute across the rice fields, or when I was wandering about without many other people near me, but these were pictures of the family and house that I shared with you.  Over here the culture is more about unity than individualism, and I just thought that it was interesting that I was sharing a more family, communal aspect of my life

1/31/2014 01:35:13

Seems like a good way to get someone who doesn't read the language to follow the rules. Thank you for the pictures that give a peek into the culture.


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