This week Kan was busy with an ONET prep class where we had students from 3 schools congregate to learn about the whole test-taking process, so I got to do Christmas themed activities with all my students!  We had a great time making decorations, learning Christmas vocabulary, and playing games together.  ...We did get a bit loud when it came to playing games, though, especially as we were only a corridor away from where they were doing their ONET prep! 
We all had an excellent time making crafts and playing games together...celebrating the season with laughter and noise!
5/12/2015 06:21:04

I love the idea of using white out pens to decorate the gingerbread people!

5/12/2015 17:15:06

Thanks! I got the idea from our Wise Men ornaments two Advents ago! Paper was a really easy way to make the craft at even lower cost and prep time!


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