Okay, so I guess this is one of the skills I didn't realize I had until I got here:  I am my mother's daughter.  For me, that means knowing all about libraries and the ins and outs of teaching basic library use to others, cataloging, how to keep track of books checked in and out, and more than an informal familiarity with the Dewy decimal system, smile!
I knew that there was a Books for Thailand program, I knew to bring some books with me, but apparently there's also a need for people who know how to operate a library and who can train others (students, teachers and other community members) to do the same.  I'm thrilled to find that I have bonus skills that are useful here!  Apparently communities have more books and buildings nowadays, but there's a difference between having a library and having people actually come and be able to use the resources there.  I remember when computers were added to our libraries back home and there were all those classes about how to use them, classes designed especially for different age groups and interest groups so they'd be comfortable and able to use the equipment on their own in the future, and it sounds as though the situation here is similar.
...Can you tell I'm excited about the prospect of spending more time in my natural habitat

3/5/2014 05:12:35

They are so lucky to have you. You may be surprised that you have the ability to teach library skills, but I knew it all along. Go Spook!!

Spook S.
3/5/2014 13:49:09

Thank you, Jane! I'm totally planning on picking your brain about successful library events, too, if they're appropriate for wherever I land! I'm thinking about story time, stuff like that, things that will work in a building or a book mobile, smile!

3/6/2014 02:45:09

Story time is always a winner, all ages.

Spook S.
3/6/2014 15:58:43

I was thinking about story time!!! I was thinking about training my counterpart to read slowly, show kids the pictures and ask about what they see in the picture, or about reading an English book (Heckedy Peg!) and having a translation, and about what to read...so many things to consider!
I only knew it was Lent because of a Bethel newsletter! I'm sad Ash Wednesday went past and I barely noticed. I'm super happy you're enjoying your new duties, though!


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