After a week of English Camp (when I couldn't choose between the camp for younger kids and the one for older campers I was allowed to go to both, even though it meant an inordinate amount of ferrying me around), here are a few pictures.  I can't convey how great the week was, except by saying that this coming week I'm going to try and go back!  At least I'll try to go to the morning camp, the afternoon camp for older kids gets to have Kailei come as a native speaker, smile.
4/6/2014 04:33:30

Awesome! I've been looking at pictures of this English camp all week, since friending some of your Thai friends on Facebook, it's nice to have the official tour! Looks like a lot of fun, and I can't wait for you to come home and perform the banana song!

I thought the last verse of skidamarinkadink went "i love you in the EVENING underneath the moon"? but that's just me being all bossy-pants about lyrics, so don't trip. I love the names the kids picked for themselves! I saw "milk" a couple of times... and did one kid pick "nookie"?

I'm always excited when you post new blog pictures, but it always makes me want more! How is life at the homestay? Are you finding yummy spicy vegetarian food options in the north? I am envious of all the cool community events you get to participate in, and hope you're having lots of fun in Chiang Mai!

Spook S.
4/6/2014 21:10:44

Yes, you're right about the lyrics; their poster is wrong but they sing the right words, so it's okay, smile. Nookie, Tan, Apple, Milk, Bike, Garfield...these are all camper's names! Super cool, right? I love it!
Life at the homestay is fine, and if I could eat the food made by the cooks at this English Camp I'd get so big! Super yummy! I'll try to phone you later to chat more about community events because last night (possibly because of the holiday?) we went around to 4 seemingly random friend's houses and had snacks and chatted. Very fun!


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