Okay, for the rest of January there were a few things, but they were really more important to me than photo-worthy.  The first was my site visit, where the head of my department in Peace Corps came up to visit me, and that was great!  She watched Kan and I teach and talked to us about any issues we might be facing or ways we can improve, and it was very nice.  She loved my house, too!  That was the 27th, and on the 31st ONET testing began for our bpratom 6 and mattyom 3 students.  The ONET is a standardized test for all of Thailand and student's scores help with school rankings and all that.  We prepare the students months in advance for the ONET, so again, this was a big deal for us, but not really deserving of a photograph!
The only event I really did take photos at was a big area assembly, for Teacher's Day, where schools from all of PESAO 3 got together and were honored for their participation in parades, or for their teacher's efforts, or for other areas of excellence.  Kan was honored for her work in teaching English, and BanAi was awarded for its participation in an anti-drug parade earlier in the year.  It was a nice assembly and was great seeing teachers from all over the area!

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