Just a quick update; I am back from the hospital, got back last Wednesday, actually.  My face is at about 40% mobility and expressiveness, I'd say, and I'm doing okay.  Coming back home this time felt really nice, things at my homestay were familiar, not foreign, and I liked that very much.  What a difference it makes, going away and then coming back!
My fantastic co and I are doing some planning today for the coming year, which is great, considering that we start school on Friday!  Friday is a cleaning day, so no lessons, but we don't have that (a day where students clean up the school) at home, so I'm excited to see what it's all about.  We start teaching on Monday, but for the first week I'll just be observing classes, so I kind of get to ease into the teaching here, which is nice.  The only not-nice thing is that I have to go back to the hospital for check-ups at the start of the first week I'd be co-teaching, so I'll actually begin on Wednesday, and I'll likely be totally strung out from the bus ride!  I am pleased that I went with Kan and Aeh today to get bus tickets and will be taking a direct bus from up here to BKK; no stopping in the city and having to switch buses or anything.
Anyways, that's what's up with me, I hope all of you are doing well too!
5/12/2014 03:06:08

I am so happy for you. The recovery time will seem to go much faster when you are doing what you love. Prayers are with you.

5/16/2014 17:37:35

Hey Spook, sorry to hear about your face. I had a friend in childhood who had the same condition. I hope you get better, soon. I really enjoy your blog! The pictures are beautiful, and so are the people! I'm doing well, the weather is nice....it's been 80 degrees for a couple of days now. Time to go to water aerobics at the Y! I'll be praying for your comfort and wellness. I'll check back with you soon! Be blessed.


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