After a few days of walking around Chiang Mai, we headed down to reconnect.  Getting up early and onto a double decker bus, we arrived at the station in Nakhon Sawan later than we expected, but still within the allotted time.  We took a tuk-tuk to the hotel, which was super fun for me, as it was my first time on a tuk-tuk!  Since then, however, I've taken them to get to the brycanee (post office) as well as Wat Kiri Wang.  They are quite possibly my favorite mode of transportation; even in the rain!

Reconnect was loads of fun, because in addition to seeing our fellow PCVs and getting more ideas for being effective at site (now that we knew our situation better, as opposed to PST when we didn't really have a clue what we were walking into!) we had time to visit with our co-teachers outside of class.  I think I want to make an effort to do something fun with Kan that doesn't involve planning each month, even if it's just going to see a movie, smile.  ...We saw Transformers 4 (?) while at Reconnect; thank goodness the acting was so transparent, because we watched it in Thai!
8/17/2014 13:43:43

It must have been great to see everyone again.


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