So, in addition to visiting other schools on my Community Day, I also lead the students I don't normally see during the teaching week at my school site in some easy English songs.  This is particularly cool when the school I've scheduled to visit is unexpectedly cancelled, as was the case this Friday.  I still got to feel like I was 'doing my job' as a volunteer, because I did some teaching!  We're planning on expanding the group, this is just the 1st graders, and we hope to add the 2ond graders as well as the kindergarteners.  Furthermore, I'm hoping that we can use some of the mattyom students to help lead so they can see themselves as the role models they are, you know?  Giving people a chance to develop their roles as leaders is something I'm super-happy to facilitate!
7/19/2014 15:09:30

Great teaching!! What lucky students, they are learning and having fun.


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