Today I joined the other PCVs in the area to meet a new official at the abbotaw in Fang and have some outdoor fun Thai-style!  I'm sorry I don't have photos of this event because at the end of it I was wearing a fluffy tutu-skirt made from running a string through  small plastic bags' handles, and it was great!
We played relay races mostly, which I'm coming to associate with Thai Sport Days, they're so ubiquitous!  I liked the Balloon Popping Relay, where the team stands yards apart and each has a balloon.  You need to blow up the balloon 'till it pops before you can run, out of breath, to the next person in your team!  The Underpants Relay, where you put on a pair of huge underwear before running to the opposite end of the track to tag your teammate and give them the underpants was fun, and kind of the same slapstick humor found in the Blindfolded Banana Feed, where 2 people in blindfolds peel and are fed a banana!  But I think that my favourite event might have been the Slowest Bicycle Race, where the winner is the person who can pedal a bicycle the slowest, or maybe it was the Bamboo Pole Race, where the whole team of 5-7 people straddle a bamboo pole and then have to run together to cross the finish line!  Both of these were difficult for a person much taller than the Thai average (the bicycle, for example, was a Thai student's bike and felt like a clown's tricycle to me!), but we had a great time.
...We had so much fun that I'm not sure I can remember the full name of the guy we had all assembled to meet!

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    January 2014