So, as another first, I went swimming yesterday (while the military was declaring a coup)!  There are 3 places to swim in my town, and this one is actually really close to the house I may end up renting, so that's super cool.  After classes, just randomly, Kan asked if I wanted to go swimming with her and Lohn-Chin, her 5 year old son, and of course I said yes!  Maybe it's because the pools at home are generally closed by the time school starts, but I've never had a first week of school where I also go get my nails done and go swimming and all that.  ...I just realized that the first week of school has generally been NOT FUN in the past.  Hurrah for Thailand!
I discovered that the pool is yet another place I totally forget how tall I am until I stand up; just swimming around I forget I'm a giantess over here, but then I kneel in the deep end and the water is lapping at my chin and I remember, smile.  It's a smallish pool, but still loads of fun, and we had a great time swimming about and playing with Chin as he floated in inner tubes or doggie-paddled around.  I got the hours it's open (year round!) and plan on going back--only 20B a person!

5/22/2014 17:18:27

Swimming on the first week of school. Awesome. The first week is usually hot around here but everyone is too tired to go swimming. Enjoy your time with such awesome people.


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