So the most exciting thing that's happened today (thus far) is that I just tried durian, the King of Fruits (the Queen of Fruits is mangosteen [man-kut], btw)!  Honestly?  I liked it!  We tried the fruit itself, which has the consistency of warm brie, and chips made from the fruit, which taste pretty much like those sweet onion flavored potato chips.  It tastes like sweet onions, or a reduction of onions, sweet, you know?  If you like fancy cheese (like Roquefort, Gruyere or Camembert) then you'll probably like durian too, smile.  Don't let the odor put you off, that's not what the fruit really tastes like!  Also, don't let other people's reactions put you off of at least trying it for yourself.  I'd have had more, but 1) Everyone was pulling off the same fruit with maybe-clean hands, 2) I wasn't really hungry, and 3) I didn't have any crackers!
Other than that it's been a neat week because we're planning a day of camp for about 200 Thai students.  Friday we'll be hosting an English and Life Skills camp, and it should be loads of fun.  The group I'm in is focusing on Positive Communication so we're playing a game called Find the Treasure where there's one blindfolded person walking, two people who can't see the walker shouting directions, and everyone else silently gesticulating to the speakers which direction the seeker should go (they can see the seeker).  Should go over well, and I think I'm going to grab a rubber chicken to be my treasure; at the end of each round we're going to change the treasure to keep the game interesting and so that the seeker doesn't know exactly what they're feeling for.
...Yes, I'm planning on keeping the chicken after the game.  It's just a need I ought to satisfy, you know?  Smile, and the fact that the teacher supply store carries rubber chickens tells me that it may be a quality investment!
2/19/2014 07:14:01

I think we might try this game at WOW.

Spook S.
2/22/2014 20:00:48

I totally recommend it! Also, without the language barrier I expect you can do races more easily (2 or 3 teams with the prize in the center) and have the mirror-image thing less of a problem. Obstacles and directions like 'higher' and 'lower' to get to the treasure are other fun variations we never got to also, but I expect they would be oodles of fun!


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