I have discovered the long-sought secret to vitality!  Be a bad@$$!
This is Grandma, whom I walked out of the house to see wielding an axe as long as MY arm, splitting wood on Saturday afternoon.  I've seen her hanging and taking down her own mosquito netting, napping in those rag-hammocks they have here, so I knew her balance and everything was still good, but I was surprised to see her splitting wood with accuracy and effectiveness.  She thought it was funny that I thought her activities were photo-worthy!
Everything is great here, but I feel like I ought to be doing more chores...not dishes, but sweeping maybe.  I do some laundry (they have a machine for the big stuff that they use while I'm away, so I can't really help there), but I think I could do more!  If Grandma can be outside splitting wood, surely I can find time to sweep up a bit!
Just to reassure you, on election day, Sunday, we're not even leaving our houses.  We're nowhere near the center of activities, but as we're not sure where polling places are they've asked us to just stay at home, and as I have plenty of homework (and the Perry Files on my computer), I don't think it's a hardship.
Happy New Year!
1/29/2014 17:24:55

You are an asset to the community as you learn their language and culture. Your pictures are beautiful!

Tania Johnson
1/30/2014 08:24:25

What admirable ladies you and grandma are.

1/30/2014 12:18:10

That's amazing!

1/31/2014 04:42:26

Looks like my Grandma!!
Thanks for the share and amazing pictures!


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