Songkran!  A time for family, food, throwing water on each other, and other kinds of fun!  Smile, a few Thai friends have asked if I mind having water tossed on me, but I totally don't.  It's water, not acid!
Here are some photos that hopefully illustrate what I did over the holiday.  I swear, I feel like I could have had my camera surgically attached to my hand and it would have been helpful I took so many photos!
So that was day 1 of Songkran.  In addition to all those activities there was plenty of time to chat and visit with people, which was nice.  Loads of k'nomes, a lot of hanging out, just visiting and having a good time.  Nice!
I was pretty exhausted by the end of Day 2 (and my eyes were turning red from having water thrown on me!  The water isn't always clean, and sometimes it's been dyed a bright pink or green, which is festive, but apparently not healthy for my eyes!).  However Day 3, of Songkran was more family fun that I wouldn't have missed for the world.  We had another picnic, this time on the river close by our village that runs into Fang.  It was a lovely relaxing afternoon, and I got to chat more with Laa, mE and her friend, and anyone else that swam up to our dock!
...Now that everyone's gone home, I'm ready for another vacation!
4/20/2014 02:23:54

These are wonderful pictures. You look fantastic and happy. A joyous Easter to you.


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