Today we did a lesson on letters V and W with all our bpratom classes and I'm really sorry that I didn't get any pictures that weren't super blurry, we had so much fun!  V and W are difficult in Thai, and they are often mixed up, so it was great to have time to isolate and practice the sounds.  We used the Have Fun Teaching videos on YouTube with some dances I made up (I've found that the class is more comfortable and practices the phonics more when following a leader than simply dancing crazy). 
For each song there's a movement for the intro, the phonetic sound, and then another action for the vocabulary covered in the song.  For the letter V we did the grapevine to the intro, and it was fun sharing some line dancing/culture with all my students, and they had fun getting their feet tangled a bit, smile.  After practicing the sound a bit more, [v] with teeth and lip, like [f] but voiced, or like the sound a motorbike might make, we got to dancing around.  The letter V song gave us the word 'venom', and I took the action straight out of Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail; it was the 'nasty, pointed teeth!' movement, and that caused a lot of laughter.  Later, after practicing the sound for [w] (all done with the lips!) the song featured some dancing inspired by Little Richard (he and Bollywood videos are my go-to when I'm stuck for a dance move the kids can do, smile), and the most fun we had with the dancing was when given the word 'wild', which gave us all the opportunity to jump around waving our hands in the air.  So much fun!
It was a great day in class, for both students and teachers!

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    January 2014