Today I went in to the vet (in the city; the nearest good-English speaking vet is 3 hours away in the big city) and found out that far from being okay, Glai-haan's foot is in serious danger of needing amputation.  When she got caught in the chair the circulation was cut off for such a time that there was nerve damage, and the tissue started rotting...the vet could see bone when she prodded at her foot-pads.  I feel awful, like the worst pet-owner ever, because I didn't take her to the vet on Monday when it happened, but went on to the community school and then thought she was fine.  I even congratulated myself for not being one of those hypochondriac pet owners who take their animals to the vet at the slightest hint of anything being wrong!!!
Because I need to go out of town at the end of the week I'm checking Courageous into the vet for a week.  Courage can stay at my house, but I can't ask my neighbor to take care of such a sick animal while I'm away.

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    January 2014