Okay!  So my birthday was pretty darned fun, though I didn't actually do tons of stuff.  I'll try to let the pictures tell the story of this past week at school (a phonics blitz!) and just tell you that I learned the importance of tying your bike up out of the rain when there's the possibility of stormy weather on the horizon and how to say that I need to inflate my tire!  'Fon' is 'rain', 'fon-tok' is 'it's raining', and 'fon-tok na' is 'it's raining heavily' or 'heavy rain' or anything heavy, really, that's what the 'na' means.  Neat, right?  Smile.  I also learned that 'tire' is 'law' where your voice goes up and down ('law' with a low tone is 'handsome', with a rising tone is 'loose' [I learned that when my paw-aw got a haircut and I accidentally said his hair looked loose...much laughter!], and 'tire' is with a rising and falling tone, like you're being super-sarcastic).  It was a birthday of much learning, smile.
Saturday, my actual birthday, I don't have pictures of because it was the storm and flat-tire adventure as I found a place I could phone my family.  It's been a busy week, and right now, Sunday afternoon, fon-tok na!
Spook S.
5/31/2014 23:25:26

Oh, I just remembered (because I looked in the crease of my elbow, where some Prickly Heat powder is still visible); 'fon' can also mean 'to fall', which makes sense. I know this because I needed to sweep my room because when I apply baby powder ('sigh bang', 'add powder') some fell! Neat, right?

6/1/2014 11:03:59

I never got to teach zoo phonics, but have watched as students learned to read using it. It is in wide-spread use in this area. Everyone looks like they are having so much fun!


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