Today I got to help at a Christmas-themed English Camp at a semi-nearby school.  Not only did I get to work with some super excited students I've never met before, but I got to work with other PCVs, which was cool.  The teacher who put the idea for a camp in motion was Kruu Gung, who is amazing, and with whom I've worked many times before.
Christmas is much bigger here in Thailand than I expected, but it's all the commercial aspects of the holiday that are celebrated.  Tesco will have a huge display of cookies and chocolates, lights and garlands, all the gift-giving and feasting paraphernalia you could need is on display, so at times it was difficult to be away from family because it reminded me of how shops are decorated in America!
We began with some basic holiday vocabulary, tree, gift, reindeer, Santa, etc., and played games to incorporate TPR learning into the lesson to aid the student's memories.  I think we also made Christmas Cards and watched movie clips (did you know you can find The Nightmare Before Christmas dubbed in Thai?!), as well as playing other learning-based, holiday themed games.  The best and most exciting activity of the day, however, was an egg drop!
5/12/2015 06:25:35

Hmm.. I wonder if we could do an egg drop at WOW?

5/12/2015 17:17:19

Smile, my personal opinion is that there isn't a wrong time or place for an egg drop! If you did it by tables it would probably work best...and when we did it for a science fair project we found that popcorn was best at cushioning the blow!


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