Just a few pictures from this week's community communication class!  We're starting with introductions and other basic stuff, mostly giving people a chance to practice speaking and actually saying the stuff they've learned.
We're a small group, but merry!  Also, it's nice to have a smaller group when practicing speaking (and after a day of teaching large classes of students)!  I'm sad I'm not going to see them for a few weeks while I'm away from site for Reconnect, but I'll probably pick up some fun teaching ideas from other volunteers  and come back even better prepared for class!
This last picture isn't from class (obviously), but from the karaoke bar where my knowledge of Beatles songs from childhood road trips with Dad came in handy.  Everyone on staff at the school came to the restaurant/bar to bid a fond farewell to Gay, an office worker at my school, member of community communication class, and one of the first people I met at site.  I'll miss him, he was a friendly face and a nice fellow, but as he's leaving to pursue his teaching credential, I can totally understand it!  Congratulations, Gay!

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