Today I and a few other friends tried the most expensive coffee in the world, coffee that has been through the intestinal tract of an elephant!  I know everyone thinks that the 'most expensive coffee' is kopi luwak, the beans that have been through a civet, but Black Ivory (elephant poo) coffee is even more rare!
We went to the Four Seasons for the coffee (so expensive it's offered there and...very few other places!) and had a nice time visiting.
I actually wrote a little review for Andy's blog about how tasty the coffee was, using my most syllabic coffee-prose.  "Uniquely aromatic with a fruity bouquet, Black Ivory has a multi-layered taste that is simultaneously floral and robust. Its particular processing removes the tannic flavonoids, resulting in a light, non-citric brew without a trace of bitterness, well balanced between the sweet and earthy realms, with notes of chocolate and the forest; a rich and complex flavor that words cannot do justice."
Quite an experience!

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