So, today I'll do a little bit of catch-up with the pictures, but the exciting stuff that's going on right now is that it's (finally!) the first week of school!  I have a proper schedule now!  Hooray!
I'm excited, because having observed for a day (and I get to continue to observe this whole week, which is invaluable for assessing the student's level and how to be most useful to my awesome co-teacher) I think it's going to be a really fun year.  Also, I found a neat website,, for making all kinds of activities for students.
We ended our second day of school, first day of classes, with a trip to the nail salon!  It was nice, and now my fingers and toes are a pearly white.  Totally respectable.  While we were there we talked about the day a little, and also about things other than school, which was nice.  Kan has a son, Lohn-Chin, who was still at his kindergarten school while we were getting our nails done, and I don't know how she manages to be a mom, teach, deal with having a foreign co-teacher and do everything else she does while living in the school dorms!  Bananas!
Aside from school stuff, yesterday they declared martial law here in Thailand, because of the protests and all that.  Fortunately, politics don't really enter our realm, and the whole situation is so far away it doesn't really effect us here.  I mean, yes, the government's taken control of 10 television stations and it might be dangerous in big cities, but that's pretty far removed from where we are and what we're doing.  Teaching and getting our nails done, that's what it's all about up here!

5/20/2014 16:43:05

I bought a set of big letters for you at the dollar store! Hopefully they'll be a good size for one of your new alphabets. :) Your classroom looks great!

5/21/2014 02:40:39

This looks like a wonderful teaching environment. There are some very lucky students there. I am happy you are in your village when all is calm. I know you will love teaching.

Spook S.
5/22/2014 14:32:52

Thank you! I'm excited too. I love how colorful the classroom is, and how much floorspace we have. We also have great resources; I'm sure you saw the TV, computer, printer and there's a laminater in the teacher's room too. I still think that the most exciting thing is that we get to stay put and have students come to us; in many schools it's the teachers who rotate, and having done a little of that during my practicum I feel really lucky that we don't have to pack up our lesson and games and everything every period we teach!
It's great to hear from you two!


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