Okay, I'll probably add comments later, but these photos are from week two of the younger English Camp.  We had a great time, and subjects this week included animals, parts of the body and illnesses, things to buy and where to buy them (and I encourage you all to look up the Supermarket song by Peter Weatherall), directions, and vacations/holidays.  As said, we had a wonderful time, and though this next week we're all on holiday for Songkran (Thai New Year's!  Happy day!), we'll resume the following week for more good times!
4/12/2014 17:35:43

Everyone looks like they are having a great time and learning. Good work!

Spook S.
4/13/2014 14:59:47

Thanks, Jane! I hear you're still doing fabulous work in your new role at First Pres! Good work to you too! Also, happy Holy Week!


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