Ahem.  Not sure if I'm going to add pictures to this post later, but maybe.  Half-of-a-smile.
I've got Bell's Palsy!  It's crazy!  This is now day 8 of having the right side of my face not work, and I'm thinking that the whole thing was brought on by my body trying to fight  off the pinkeye I got during Songkran (worth it!), but as there's no 'official' reason to get Bell's Palsy, that's just a hypothesis.
I'm (stuck) here in Bangkok, which usually would be cool, but I can't go out and see the sights because I have to dose myself with medicine every hour (I've got 8 medicines total, and every hour I have to give myself at least one of them.  Not fun for the type of person who will wait hours for a headache to go away of its own accord instead of taking a pill), I've got facial exercises and stuff to do (and the taxi driver looks at you funny when you're massaging your facial muscles, attempting to flare both nostrils and trying to pucker your lips on the way to an appointment), and I've still got doctor's appointments and physical therapy appointments to keep at the hospital.  Also, with only half my face working, I won't be taking the loveliest photos you know?  Plus...I don't want to be in BKK!  I want to be home in my village with my amazing co, planning for the coming year, making our 2-year plan snazzy, and putting together materials for games and activities!  I want to be planning with other teachers and talking about the teacher trainings, learning about the morning assemblies, figuring out how to work together without taking up too much of their time!  I feel ungrateful about that, being here in Bangkok and not wanting to be here, but I feel super grateful that I've got the Peace Corps medical staff looking after me.  Seriously, I feel incredibly lucky about that.
So that's what I'm up to right now, and while it's kind of cool to be prescribed 'rest' and 'water', I'd still rather be home in my village working on making English Class this year the best it can possibly be.  *sigh*
5/1/2014 02:25:41

What a bummer - we will keep you in our prayers. Keep focusing on the positive.

Spook S.
5/1/2014 19:01:22

...I tried acupuncture for the first time in my life, that's cool. And today I can move part of my lips more than yesterday, so day by day I'm improving! Thank you for the support!

Anne Swanson
5/6/2014 06:29:38

Rebecca, so sorry to hear about the Bells Palsy, but thankful for the good medical care with Peace Corps. Sounds like you are on the road to recovery!! I am praying for you, and so is the church community. We send our love, and prayers for healing!!


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