H'okay, so this is my first blog post in quite some time, and I don't have tons to say today, save that it was bike day and I had oodles of fun!  Yes, I caused two (embarrassing to me) delays because the bike I was on was having issues with its gears, but that was the machine's fail, not mine, and after I simply decided to leave the gears alone (it's pretty flat here, not like Queen Anne or in The City or anything) and pedal harder if I have to, things got better.  I haven't been out on a bike in quite a long time, as when I bike at the gym I get to watch foodnetwork and don't have to worry about what the weather's doing, but this was fantastic.  I was riding around with the widest smile on my face!  A good sign, as the distance we biked today was to prepare us for biking to the hub for lessons these next 3 months while we live with a Thai family in the area.
Biking was especially nice because there was a mix of familiar and unfamiliar elements in the scenery.  We were riding on the left hand side of the road, which was new for me, but we were encouraged to ride single-file (like SandPeople!), and that's a good idea back home, too.  I saw lots of bougainvillaea and ginger, egrets and herons (and I think I heard a loon!) which was familliar, but balancing that was some waterfowl I couldn't identify and passing trees laden with bunches of green bananas!  I really enjoyed biking past banana trees, I think the end of the banana bunch is a large reddish-purplish blossom, as we saw a few of those wilting in the sun.  It just seemed so exotic, to be riding on the left hand side, single file except for when I needed to pass someone, past banana trees.  A fun day, smile.

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    January 2014