Hey, everyone!  One of the cool k'nomes that I've had here in Thailand that I've never seen on the menu of a Thai restaurant at home but I often see at the da-laadt (market) is a delightful food combination that never occurred to me, even in all my years of late-night culinary genius.  ...Have you ever had corn and coconut together before?  It's super yummy!  Part of the deliciousness is probably that it's fresh sweet corn that's been sheared from the cob with a large knife, and atop that is some freshly shredded coconut.  Because just about every Thai person I've met so far has a sweet tooth there is a tablespoon+ of sugar there as well, but as the corn is fresh, sweet and in season, I personally don't think you really need it.  Just enjoy this treat when corn (ka-poht, like Capote without the final 'e', as my family pronounces it) comes into season, okay?
I was reminded of how I wanted to share this food with you after not only seeing small bags of it being sold at the local da-laadt, but because the other day over breakfast pii Lek was shredding coconut.  I know I already showed you a picture of a fancy, mechanized shredder (for people who then sell the result), but if you're just at home and shred ma-prow only occasionally, you probably have a bench with a handle on the front that has a metal bit with teeth on it somewhere in your house (like most of us have a waffle iron somewhere).  You pull out your bench, work a half a coconut shell around the handle/metal part, scrubbing the ma-prow flesh off the coconut and into the bowl beneath the handle while sitting on the bench, as pii Lek is in the photo.  Then yumminess happens, smile!

Yesterday was a fun day for us, a Teacher Training camp, where we shared techniques for teaching English, as I believe I mentioned before (between blogging, journaling, and occasionally e-mailing, forgive me if I get confused!).  We had a great day, the other teachers really enjoyed not only the camp but our session in particular, probably because it included a fun craft, smile.

3/2/2014 01:11:57

Nor do I have a waffle iron, but I think I could shred coconut. The teacher training event sounds wonderful! You look wonderful.

Spook S.
3/5/2014 13:57:26

I never knew you didn't have a waffle iron! For some reason my dad has more than one, he has multiple vacuum cleaners, too. But the coconut is amazing with corn, or folded up in a pancake with some sugar/fruit...the food here really is fantastic. The teacher training event was super, and I think I like facilitating the workshops more than I would like being an MC. Thank you for saying I look alright; the food is amazing, I can't read the nutrition labels yet, and a lot of my skirts are elastic waisted so it's tough to keep tabs on myself. However, even if I re-gained a lot of weight I think I'd still be super happy being here and being useful, smile. It's Lent now, right? What's going on over there?

3/6/2014 02:47:21

Yes, it is Lent. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and WOW was wonderful. Like you I am very happy in my new role.

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