Before heading further south to Reconnect, a few of us volunteers decided to spend the weekend in Chiang Mai city.  I was going to take a bus down with another volunteer in the area, but Aeh said that she was going to Chiang Mai that weekend just for a fun visit, and offered us a ride!  We gladly took her up on it, as it would be way easier to move our luggage and everything in a car than it is in a bus.  We got a ride to the big bus station in Chiang Mai and then took a SongTaew to the Tapeh Gate area.  Tapeh Gate used to be a gate in the wall around the city, but the city has spread far beyond those walls, and now the area of the gate is a place where farangs flock, which is kind of funny to me.  It was super cool to walk around the markets, but I think that the best part was chatting with other volunteers and talking about site and what was working, what we felt we needed to improve, and sharing about subjects along those lines.

It was especially cool that on the night of the 5th there were spectacular fireworks over the US Consulate, celebrating the 4th of July.  Happy Birthday, America!

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    January 2014