Yi Peeng (yi meaning '2nd' and peeng meaning 'month' in the Lanna language) (also spelled Yee Peng, Yi Peng...spelling here is totally inconsistent so you generally pick something that makes sense to your ear), is part of the Festival of Lights to honor Buddha and celebrate life.  This year I got to attend a large gathering at Mae Jo College near Chiang Mai with some other volunteers, and we had the best time ever!
It was such a wonderful festival, I'd love to go again next year!  If I do go again, I'll wear proper white (in respect) so I can sit up front and see the monks, smile!
After everyone released their lanterns it became a bit of a zoo, and I separated from the group.  I gotta tell you, I met hoards of people who made me embarrassed to be American, their behaviour was so obnoxious.  When you're a guest in a country, at a religious festival, I'm sure you can have a good time without behaving atrociously!   The crowd after the festival reminded me of what it's like when you're leaving a game at the Oakland Coliseum, really, but worth it!
Jane Kraut
3/7/2015 01:57:19

This seems so amazing, I think we would all be too afraid of setting something or someone on fire. Congratulations, no mishaps.


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