...Can't remember if I've mentioned already that the Jawa (help me Pook!  My Star Wars knowledge is inferior to thine!  Did I spell anything right???) words 'yuu tii nii' mean, in Thai, I am here!
The upshot is that I'm having a great time, I'm figuring out where things are in the community and who people are, and how I can help.  It's pretty great.
3/30/2014 10:18:06

I love the superhero ducks! Also, very jealous of the fresh lychee (I hope you're right on that, fresh lychee is amazing & weird & amazing, highly recommended). Looks like a great start for a new adventure!

Spook S.
3/30/2014 17:04:19

Dude! I didn't even realize they were superheroes! ...How's that puzzle hunt coming, by the way?
Smile, right now the lychee is just dropping its flowers, it'll be a while before fruiting, I think.

3/31/2014 11:45:30

Jawas say "utinni!", but I give you an A for effort! You know how Carrot's name in dwarfish translates to "head banger"? You're going to get yourself a Thai nickname if you keep walking into doorways!

Spook S.
3/31/2014 22:50:31

I actually already have a Thai name! I'm kruu Laa-na (the 'laa' scoops up and the 'na' is a mid straight tone) now, which means 'teacher local person'! Fun!
Thank you for helping me with the spelling! I wasn't even sure I wrote 'jawa' correctly, but it sounds so similar that when we learned it I had deja vu and then imagined your laughter!


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